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Speak Up Services

Each year, following the annual Speak Up online collection process, Project Tomorrow shares the Speak Up data through a variety of methods:

The Speak Up data is a valuable resource that you can use to help you make informed decisions about education technology, science and math education. The Speak Up data can be used to inform your strategic planning and budgeting, curriculum, professional development, legislation or district policies. For example, the data can help you identify:

  • Current or future needs in your school, district or state
  • Current attitudes of students, parents or teachers
  • Future trends
  • Perceived priorities amongst your stakeholders

Need help?

Project Tomorrow staff is available to help you effectively use your data, here are just a few of the services we can provide you:

  • Identify the top 5 trends in your school, district or state with national benchmarks
  • Create a Speak Up presentation that you can use to share your Speak Up results in your school or district
  • Provide Speak Up fast facts that can be used on your website, newsletters or promotional material
  • Present your Speak Up data in person or via a webinar
  • Prepare a summary of your specific Speak Up findings (school, district or state) that can be distributed to your stakeholders
  • Write a case statement, using the Speak Up data, highlighting the benefits of investing in technology (school, district, state or national)
  • Prepare a customized narrative report about your Speak Up data (school, district or state)

Contact Dr. Julie A.Evans, Chief Executive Officer to learn more about our consulting services and fees.