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Project Tomorrow identified a cohort of principals, termed the New Learning Leaders (NLL), based on Speak Up 2017 data findings. The results were shared in a Blackboard Trends in Digital Learning report. This analysis examines the activities and attitudes that make certain principals more effective in this dual role of instructional leader and digital evangelist.

40% of District Administrators believe effective school-based leadership is key to improving student outcomes, only 11% held the same view in 2010.

55% of urban district leaders also agree with this statement

Leading from the front: “Digital Evangelist”

95% of NLLs say effective use of technology in the classroom is important for students’ future success

Two-thirds of the NLL principals say that effective digital learning is extremely important.

Innovation matters!
Principals' implementation of new learning models

Principals who have implemented: Flipped Learning Competency-based Learning Blended Learning
All Principals 35% 46% 51%
Digital Evangelists 53% 67% 74%

Improved student outcomes matter!
NLLs identify the following benefits of blended learning:

  • Increases personalization of instruction (62%)
  • Increases student engagement in learning (53%)
  • Enhances the relevancy of the curriculum (48%)
  • Builds stronger school to home communications (46%)
  • Student academic outcomes are improved (45%)

Leading from the back: “Instructional Coach”

Educational equity matters!

58% of NLLs say educational equity is a serious challenge in their school
52% of NLLs are addressing that challenge by providing students with access to mobile devices to use at school

Modeling good use of data matters!

Leadership tasks % of NLLs who regularly use data for this task
Developing strategies for school improvement 91%
Provide feedback to teachers about how to improve their classroom practices 89%
Setting schoolwide goals and objectives 85%
Determining teachers’ needs for professional development 83%
Tracking trends over time and within certain student cohorts 78%
Sharing information with parents 74%

Modeling professional learning matters!

Professional Learning Actions Taken Watch TED Talks by edu thought leaders Participate in a webinar Follow experts on Twitter Use social networking sites to get advice Participate in a Twitter chat Subscribe to blogs
New Learning Leaders 70% 65% 49% 45% 34% 25%
Blended Learning Teachers 51% 42% 27% 39% 23% 23%
All Teachers 46% 34% 23% 33% 17% 17%

Are you a New Learning Leader?

Learn more from "Trends in Digital Learning: The New Learning Leader - the emerging role of the agile school principal as digital evangelist and instructional leader"

SOURCE: Speak Up Research Initiative, 2017 Findings, the authentic, unfiltered views of 406,779 K-12 students, parents, and educators from around the world, including 1,992 principals. Data was collected from October 2017 to January 2018. Speak Up is an annual research initiative of Project Tomorrow, a global nonprofit organization. Learn more about Speak Up and other research findings from Project Tomorrow at tomorrow.org.