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Ten Top Things that Everyone Should Know about Teachers and Digital Learning: Speak Up 2016 Findings


Ten Top Things that Everyone Should Know about Teachers and Digital Learning: Speak Up 2016 Findings

#1 Data, Games & Collaboration

Topping the list of teachers' use of tech to support student learning: Reviewing student achievement & performance data (58%), playing digital games (57%), posting class information to school portal (45%), facilitating student collaborative projects (42%).

#2 Access to Devices in Class
Teachers report a range of access: devices that can be “checked out” for class use (31%), school-assigned devices for use at school (26%), BYOD (20%), school-assigned devices for use at school & home (14%). >20% of teachers report their students do not have regular access to mobile devices in class.

#3 Videos Continue to Lead

64% of teachers use online videos to support instruction. Games (50%), online tests or assessments (47%), digital content subscriptions (39%) & online curriculum (36%) round out their top 5 digital content resources.

#4 Teachers See Big Benefits to Gaming

Top three benefits of using digital or online games in the classroom: addresses different learning styles in the classroom (77%), increases student engagement in learning (74%) and enables learning to be differentiated to meet the needs of each student (62%).

#5 Motivated, Learning, Collaborating
Teachers said that as a result of how they have integrated technology within their classrooms, students are more motivated to learn (49%), gaining a better understanding of the class material (49%) and collaborating with other students more (45%).

#6 Time, Tech, Training
To use technology more efficiently, teachers need 1) planning time with colleagues, 2) classroom set of devices for student use & 3) tech support and professional development. Consistent, reliable, high bandwidth Internet access for students in and out of school also topped the list.

#7 But, What About…?
Surprising that less than 1/4 of teachers say they need help with classroom management strategies using digital resources, evaluating digital resources & with high impact lesson development.

#8 Teachers Are Learning Online
While 43% say they have had no experiences with online/virtual or blended learning class formats, 37% said they had taken one or more fully online/virtual classes for PD.

#9 Why Online PD?
Teachers' top reasons: 1) easier to fit into my schedule 2) ability to customize the learning process to meet my needs 3) Can review class materials as often as I wish/it saves time (tied).

#10 Data for Comms and Practice
Teachers use grades, test scores, course completions & progress reports to collaborate with teachers (72%), communicate with parents (65%) & reflect on and improve their teaching practice (58%). But fewer than 1/4 say they use data to collaborate with school partners to support student learning, design personalized instructional plans or identify students at-risk of dropping out of school.

Source: Speak Up 2016 Research Project for Digital Learning - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 37,081 K-12 educators nationwide. Learn more about Speak Up and other research findings from Project Tomorrow at tomorrow.org.