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Digital Content for K-12 Instruction: Teachers, Administrators and Librarians Speak Up!



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Principals and teachers differ on what marks quality in digital content for instruction

Evaluation options include: Teachers School Administrators
Teachers can modify it to meet classroom needs 71% 66%
Research-based 58% 74%
Includes professional development 35% 60%
No commercial ads within content 54% 47%

Growth in teacher use of digital content

  2015 2012
Videos found online 68% 47%
Games 48% 30%
Online curriculum 36% 21%
Content subscriptions 36% 9%
Online textbooks 30% 21%
Animations 27% 20%

57% of school administrators say both providing enough computers/devices with Internet access and the lack of teacher training are the top challenges to implementing digital content within instruction in their schools.

80% of school administrators and librarians agree that the primary benefit, by far, of using more digital content within instruction in increased student engagement in school and learning.

How are schools paying for digital content?

71% eRate Funds
67% Funding from school education foundation
62% Specific general funds allocations
53% Title I Funds
47% State or federal competitive grants
43% Local donations from corporations
43% PTA/parent support groups
43% Repurposing other budget funds
41% Local bond measures or taxes
24% of schools say parents pay an annual technology fee

Digital content use is grade-level dependent

  K-2 Teachers Gr 3-5 Teachers Gr 6-8 Teachers Gr 9-12 Teachers
Content Subscriptions 48% 49% 33% 21%
Games 65% 59% 44% 31%
Online Textbooks 27% 32% 33% 33%
Teaching Aids 48% 53% 50% 47%
Videos 67% 72% 69% 65%

Librarians say teachers in their schools are:

  • Using digital content they find online without editing, modifying or customizing (61%)
  • Primarily creating their own digital content and resources (19%)
  • Not regularly using digital content or online resources in their classrooms (21%)

Does the use of digital content improve student achievement?

Yes. 54% of school principals say they are already seeing positive academic outcomes from the use of digital content in their school.

Digital Content Usage: How teachers are using digital content:

55% Encourage student self-monitoring of learning
49% Create cues, questions or advances organizers
33% Use digital content to support student creation of media and content
30% Use digital content to facilitate interaction and collaboration between students, and between students and experts on authentic real-world problems

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Source: Speak Up 2015 Research Project for Digital Learning Findings - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 505,676 students, parents and educators nationwide. Learn more about Speak Up and other research findings from Project Tomorrow at tomorrow.org.