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What Do Parents Really Think about Digital Learning?



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Parents of School-Aged Children Speak Up about Technology Use: Speak Up 2015 Findings

#1 Tech use in school is important

85% of parents say that the effective use of technology in school is important to student success.

#2 Surprise! Top parent concern about tech use

Top concern? Technology use in school varies from teacher to teacher – more parents are concerned about this than about student Internet safety or data privacy.

#3 Blended sounds great!

Parents have voted and 55% chose a “blended learning” model as the best for their child; in second place, the traditional classroom environment (42%).

#4 Learning on the go

Over 2/3rds of parents agree: it is important for students to use a laptop, tablet or Chromebook during the school day. Why? Mobile devices provide easy access to online textbooks, increase student engagement and extend learning beyond the school day.

#5 A mobile device in every backpack

41% of parents say they would buy a mobile device for their child to use in school – if the school allowed that. Age of parent, grade level of child or community profile (urban, rural, suburban) doesn’t make a difference. 11% have already done this!

#6 Joining the social media revolution

Facebook continues as the primary social media tool for parents: 61% say they use it often or all the time. Up and coming for those new digital parents under 29: YouTube (43%), Pinterest (37%), Instagram (29%).

#7 Speaking of YouTube

Just like students and teachers, parents say watching online videos can help with learning – support different learning styles (64%) and students can re-watch videos as many times as needed (59%).

#8 Text me!

55% of parents say they want their child’s teacher and school to communicate with them via text messaging to a mobile device: only 5% said that in 2010!

#9 The perfect school for my child would include…

Schoolwide Internet access (55%), digital textbooks (50%), mobile apps for learning (48%), laptops for every child (46%) and online educational videos and games (41%).

#10 And I’m willing to help pay for that!

Good news! 64% of parents say they would pay an annual technology fee to support digital learning expenses.

Source: Speak Up 2015 Research Project for Digital Learning Findings - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 505,676 K-12 students, parents and educators nationwide.