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Ten Things Everyone Should Know about K-12 Students’ Digital Learning


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Students Speak Up on the following:

#1 Learning Via YouTube

38% of students are finding online videos to help with their homework and 27% say they regularly watch videos created by their teachers.

Slow and inconsistent Internet is the biggest barrier with using technology at school.

#2 Students Are Mobilists!

Personal access to mobile devices has reached several significant tipping points: 86% of 9-12th, 72% of 6th-8th, and 46% of 3-5th graders are smartphone users now.

#3 More Games Please

Almost two-thirds of students want to use digital games for learning in school. Why?

  • Across all grades, students believe that games make difficult concepts easier to understand.
  • 53% say they have received better grades by using technology within learning.

#4 Students Want to Code - Especially Girls!

53% say YES to coding as a class or after school activity, with 1 in 5 being very interested in learning how to code.

Amongst girls, 64% of 3-5th and 50% of 6-8th graders want to code!

#5 Teacher - I Have a Question!

Students are regularly using digital tools outside of school to communicate with their teachers about schoolwork questions:

  • 48% by email
  • 15% by texting

#6 Tweet-Tweet?

47% of 9-12th graders are Twitter users now - 4 times more than in 2011 when only 11% were tweet-tweeting.

#7 I’ll Take My Learning Mobile

76% of students think every student should have access to a mobile device during the school day to support learning. Many are already doing that:

  • 50% are using mobile devices to look up information in class.
  • 39% are taking photos of class assignments or textbook pages.

#8 Watching Online Videos

74% of 6-8th graders say they watch online videos for schoolwork. And what class so they watch videos in the most? Science!

#9 Change in Social Media Use

Students are interacting less with traditional social networking sites: 43% of students in grades 6-12 say they never use Facebook. But spending more time with content creation sites: 54% say they use YouTube all the time!

#10 Goodbye 1:1!

Different tasks = different tools! Laptops top students’ lists for writing a report, taking online tests and working on group projects.

Smartphones are #1 for connecting with classmates and accessing social media.

Source: Speak Up 2015 Research Project for Digital Learning Findings - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 505,676 K-12 students, parents and educators nationwide. Learn more about Speak Up and other research findings from Project Tomorrow at tomorrow.org.