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State of EdTech in International Schools

Findings from Speak Up International, June 2017



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The use of technology varies greatly by grade level
How are you using technology to support learning? Primary students Lower/ Upper secondary Students
Taking online tests 61% 70%
Using a mobile device in class 76% 68%
Watching videos & movies 70% 42%
Playing online & digital games 48% 34%
Using online textbooks  27% 53%

82% of students think that every student should be able to use a smartphone, laptop or tablet at school to help with learning!

Teachers in international schools said they are using the following digital content in their classrooms:
  • 85% Videos and movies
  • 53% Games
  • 51% Online curriculum
  • 44% Digital content subscriptions
  • 36% Animations
Obstacles to use technology at school are universal for today’s students
What obstacles do you face using technology at your school? Students in International Schools Students in US Schools
Internet is too slow 63% 53%
Cannot access social media 50% 38%
Cannot use my own mobile device 47% 41%
School blocks websites 38% 43%
Too many rules  38% 40%

Teachers are using videos or movies to:

  1. Activate prior student knowledge
  2. Engage students in learning
  3. Illustrate difficult concepts
  4. Address different learning styles
  5. Offer students a different learning approach

Administrators say the biggest challenge to implementing digital content is lack of teacher training on how to use it effectively.

Administrators see benefits of using digital content within instruction
What would be the primary benefits of using more digital content within instruction at your school? Admins in International Schools Admins in US Schools
Increased student engagement 84% 68%
More relevant instructional materials 76% 45%
Personalization of learning 72% 41%
Differentiates our school as innovative 56% 51%
Improves teachers’ tech skills 54% 56%

Students have watched videos or movies to help with learning in:

  • History
  • Science
  • English

Students say that as a result of using technology in school, they are:

  • 68% Collaborating more with other students
  • 67% Learning at their own pace
  • 67% Developing creativity skills
  • 57% Understanding more about what they are learning
  • 50% Developing critical thinking skills

Source: Speak Up International, 2015 & 2016 - 47 school administrators, 185 teachers and 1613 students from international schools in 28 countries & Speak Up Research Initiative, 2016 Findings - 514,351 K-12 students, parents and educators from around the world. Speak Up is an annual research initiative of Project Tomorrow. Speak Up International is conducted in partnership with BrainPOP. Learn more at tomorrow.org.