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State of Digital Learning in Texas Classrooms
Texas Teachers Speak Up!
Preliminary results from Speak Up 2016



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What types of digital content are Texas teachers using in their classrooms?  

Types of digital content used in the classroom % of Texas teachers who say they are using this type of digital content N = 6,744 % of US teachers who say they are using this type of digital content N = 38,512
Online videos 59% 63%
Digital, video or online games 52% 49%
Online curriculum 44% 37%
Online textbooks 43% 36%
Digital content subscriptions 43% 39%

How do Texas teachers prefer to find the digital content they use in their classroom?

  1. I find it online myself when I need it (53% of Texas teachers chose this option)
  2. It is embedded in our curriculum or textbooks (48%)
  3. I have personally reviewed and evaluated it for quality and classroom appropriateness (46%)
  4. The content is on a district approved list (40%)
  5. I saw it demonstrated at a conference (39%)

What do Texas teachers say they need to use digital content, resources and tools more effectively within instruction? 

  1. Classroom set of mobile devices (laptops, tablets, Chromebooks) for student use (59% of Texas teachers say this is their #1 need)
  2. Planning time with colleagues (55%)
  3. Professional development (49%)
  4. Consistent, reliable high bandwidth Internet access (43%)
  5. Confidence that their students have out of school Internet access (43%)

How does mobile device (laptops, tablets, Chromebooks) access in the Texas classroom compare nationally? 

Types of mobile device access Texas teachers say this is true for their classroom US teachers say this is true of their classroom
Students use their own personal devices (BYOD) 22% 20%
Students are assigned a school device to use just at school 26% 26%
Students are assigned a school device to use at school and at home 14% 14%
Teachers can check out school devices to use in the classroom 33% 31%
Students do not have regular access to mobile devices to use in class 19% 22%

About the sampling of Texas teachers: 

  • 47% teach in an elementary school, 48% teach in a middle or high school
  • 69% say they teach in a traditional classroom; 22% say they have a blended learning environment
  • 40% have 16+ years of experience, 22% have 11-15 years of experience, 28% have 4-10 years of experience and 11% have 3 or less years of teaching experience

Source: Speak Up Research Initiative, 2016 Findings - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 6,477 teachers from the state of Texas and 38,512 teachers from across the United States collected from October 2016 to January 2017. Speak Up is an annual research initiative of Project Tomorrow.