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How America’s Schools Are Addressing the Homework Gap: Speak Up 2015 Findings



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51% of principals say ensuring student access to technology outside of school (digital equity) is a major challenge today, compared to only 30% of principals in 2010.

1/5 of students say they are impacted by the homework gap - they cannot do homework because they lack Internet access outside of school.

68% of students say they need safe and consistent Internet access outside of school to be successful in school.

68% of teachers are reluctant to assign digital homework out of concern that their students do not have safe and consistent home Internet access. 51% say they need that confidence in order to effectively integrate technology in the classroom.

Homework Gap Students Are Resourceful.
Of those who lack access at home…

  • 35% go to school early or stay late to use their school’s Internet connection
  • 24% use their public library Internet connection
  • 19% are going online to do homework at fast food restaurants or cafes

How are schools and districts addressing the homework gap?

Doing this Considering
No plans
Allowing students on campus early or after school to access school network 68% 16% 16%
Encouraging libraries or other public Internet locations to give students priority access 52% 21% 27%
Instructing students to download web-based assignments and resources to USB sticks while at school 45% 20% 34%
Discouraging homework assignments that are 100% Internet dependent 37% 17% 46%
Providing WiFi access in the school parking lot for staff and students 34% 15% 52%
Working with businesses to provide safe locations for student Internet access 17% 24% 46%
Equipping school buses with WiFi hotspots 5% 24% 71%
Paying for home Internet for low-income families 4% 14% 83%

Source: Speak Up 2015 Research Project for Digital Learning Findings - the results of the authentic, unfiltered views of 505,676 K-12 students, parents and educators nationwide.