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Sample Tweets

This sample tweet list is meant to serve as a head start to promote Speak Up via Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. Fill in your school or district name in the highlighted areas, and feel free to use or customize these tweets to share your school/district’s involvement in the nationwide conversation about technology and education and to encourage others to do the same! We will share additional social media updates throughout the open period on our Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages.

Announcement Tweet:

  • Our school/district has registered to be a part of a nationwide conversation about #edtech - join in today Speakup.tomorrow.org
  • We are excited to participate in Speak Up! Learn all about the Speak Up research tool Speakup.tomorrow.org
  • Our school/district just registered for Speak Up! Join the conversation about the role of technology in & out of school: Speakup.tomorrow.org
  • We want to know what our students, parents & faculty think about tech & learning! We’ll be “speaking up” this fall! Speakup.tomorrow.org

Getting Started:

  • Speak Up will be available [Insert your timeline here]! Make your voice heard about education and technology! [Enter ACCESS link]
  • Join us & the 5.7 mil students, parents, teachers, & admins who have participated in Speak Up since ’03! Speak Up now: [Enter ACCESS link]
  • 90% of students say mobile devices are important. What do our students think? Get involved with @speakuped and participate [Enter ACCESS link]
  • After school closures, 71% of teachers say tech is very important for student success. What do you think? Make your voice heard and participate now! [Enter ACCESS link]
  • Provide your feedback on digital learning through Speak Up to ensure your voice is heard! [Enter ACCESS link]
  • Be part of the conversation! Parents: we want to hear your thoughts on tech & learning [Enter ACCESS link]
  • School/district your participation in Speak Up is important! Help us collect valuable data [Enter ACCESS link]

Wrapping up tweets

  • Only a few more days to share your views on tech & learning! Speak Up before [Enter deadline] to make sure your voice is heard! [Enter ACCESS link]
  • Speak Up about issues regarding the use of mobile devices and tablets in schools: [Enter ACCESS link]
  • Don't forget to submit your feedback through Speak Up before winter break begins! Visit [Enter ACCESS link] to share your thoughts.
  • Don't forget to submit your feedback through Speak Up before the end of the year! Visit [Enter ACCESS link] to share your thoughts.