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Sample Emails with School Direct Start Links

Easily direct your stakeholders to their school specific question sets with these sample emails for students, educators, and parents. Template includes instructions for each audience type on how to access and complete their online participation. Instructions on how to obtain school specific direct links (links that bypass school look up and audience selection through the customary login path and instead drop participants off right at the beginning of their appropriate questions) can be found on the second page of the document. This template is set up as a tool for district primary contacts to revise and send to each of their school sites. If you are from an individual school site, please contact your district administrator for your unique school direct links or contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org.

  • Sample Emails with Direct Start Links - Educators: word doc
  • Sample Emails with Direct Start Links - Parents: word doc
  • Sample Emails with Direct Start Links - Students: word doc
  • School Direct Start Link Download Instructions: word doc