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Group Data Collection Forms and Instructions

  1. Steps to facilitate the Speak Up survey in a group setting:
    Print out your group data collection form from the list of available group surveys below. You will use this form to collect and tally your group’s responses.
  2. As a group, ask participants to raise their hands to respond to each question and record the number of responses per question on your data collection form. If you are concerned about participants’ privacy you can have the participants write out their answers or you can skip that question. You can also print out hard copies of the survey and tally their responses that way.
  3. For the open-ended question, we recommend that you facilitate a 5-minute class discussion to select your group's favorite answers to this question. Please feel free to collect as many of your participants' ideas as you wish.
  4. When you are ready to enter the information on your data collection form, go to the audience specific link below to look up your school and start the survey or use your “school and audience” specific direct start link to begin. You can access your “school and audience’ direct link by contacting your Speak Up primary contact or the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org.
  5. Remember this survey is set up as a group format, so please enter the total number of participants responding to each question option. Please note: We have disabled the use of the ENTER on the question screen - please use the TAB key to advance between question options.

If you have any questions about the Speak Up Group input process, please contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org.