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Speak Up Sample Timeline

To help you best plan for Speak Up, we’ve created this sample timeline with key information to help you encourage Speak Up participation, navigate your admin account, and more. Remember that Speak Up is open throughout the academic year, this timeline is adaptable to fit your schedule.

Register for Speak Up

  • Select your survey list. Determine which Speak Up tools you would like to use: Speak Up 360, Speak Up snapshots or a combination of both by reviewing survey question here.
  • Determine your Speak Up Timeframe. Speak Up is open for input during the academic school year. We recommend you pick a 2-­‐3 week timeframe that works best for you.

Prep for Participation

  • Establish Purpose: We recommend writing a short explanation that best fits your school/district culture that provides some context on why you are participating and how you will be using the data findings. Then share this information out to your school(s) and key staff that will be encouraging participation. We provide tips on messaging here.
  • Create an Outreach and Communications Plan. We make this easy by providing a variety of promotional materials to help encourage participation to your school(s). Download Speak Up promotional materials.
  • Review School Information: Log in to your admin profile here, to review your school(s) information under the option: account settings>schools. Add, delete or edit school information to ensure each school has the correct information including display name and zip code.
  • Determine how your participants will access the survey: There are three ways to direct your participants to take the survey that are directly linked to your district/school account: district, school, and audience and school direct links. Learn more about these options in your admin profile under survey settings>access links. You may also use the general access link speakup.tomorrow.org if you prefer.
  • Set Up Speak Up Access Points on your Website. Include information about Speak Up and link(s) to access the survey on a dedicated space on your website whether it be on your district/school home page or a separate dedicated Speak Up page. For 1-to-1 schools, consider pushing out your selected survey access link through your mobile device management (MDM) to your students’ devices for access for themselves and their parents.
  • Keep Up to Date with Speak Up News: Follow the Speak Up blog and sign up for our Speak Up newsletter.

Launch and Encourage Participation of Speak Up

  • Manage your Speak Up Collection Process: Check your current participation numbers by logging in to your Speak Up administrator page.
  • Send Introduction emails: Use our sample emails to encourage participation, be sure to use your “establish purpose” messaging to share why it is important for them to participate.
  • Send Reminders: Include tips and suggestions such as encouraging your teachers to use Speak Up as a class activity by using our lesson plans to help facilitate the process.
  • View Online Preliminary Reports: Speak Up preliminary results will be available for contacts to view online through the admin profile. These results will be updated weekly on Saturday evenings. Reports are considered preliminary until the national release of validate reports in February.
  • Utilize our sample Speak Up tweets by sharing them to your Twitter page or retweet our @SpeakUpEd tweets.
  • Unsatisfied with your participation totals? Use our sample emails to spread the word to parents and educators.

Review Data

  • Collect and share your data. Speak Up data results are available through the admin profile under the option: View district/School data results. Results are updated on a continual basis on Saturday evenings. Reports are considered preliminary until the national release of validated reports.
  • Attend a Speak Up Workshop and Utilize Speak Up Data Analysis Resources: Look out for Speak Up communications regarding upcoming webinars, workshops and release of other data resources on an ongoing basis.
  • Share your Speak Up data with your school(s) through use of our data templates or by posting the data on your website.

Key Dates

  • Keep an eye out for our Speak Up themed dates, Speak Up Day, National Speak Up Week, visit our website for updated dates.