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Navigating the real-world inconsistency of parents’ views on personalized learning vs. their concerns about too much screen time

2:15pm, Tuesday, October 23, 2018
iNACOL 2018 Symposium

Education leaders are increasingly perplexed by the conflicting views they hear from parents about technology use, and this confusion is affecting personalized learning initiatives in many districts. While 61% of parents worry about too much screen time, 50% endorse blended learning for their child and 71% support 1:1 mobile learning programs. In this session, Dr. Dr. Julie A.Evans will unpack current research on parents’ views and provide leaders with new insights and tools to make sense of these conflicting views and how to appropriately message personalized learning to their communities.
In this session, attendees will:

  • Learn about the latest national research about parents’ views on the use of technology within learning, and their valuation on personalized learning
  • Understand how parents from different socio-economic and digital backgrounds view the positives and negatives of digital learning
  • Gain new strategies and messaging tips to counter the “too much screen time” argument and how to reframe parent discussions around personalized learning benefits

Flipped Learning Materials
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