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ISTE 2015 Recap

We had a blast at ISTE 2015! If you missed us at this year's conference & expo in Philadelphia, PA, check out the links below:

Paying It Forward: Leveraging Female Voices in Ed Tech
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Female ed tech leaders from across the globe gather annually at ISTE. This year, we will formalize this convening with an engaging session around leadership. From coaching to mentorship to collaboration, the session will showcase female agents of change and examine how to strengthen the female voice in education technology. With Julie Evans (Project Tomorrow), Mila Fuller (National Council of Teachers of English), Ellen Bialo (Interactive Educational Systems Design), Margaret Roth (Yet Analytics), and Kari Stubbs (BrainPOP).

The Eight Essentials for Success in Mobile Learning
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Attend this session to learn eight essential strategies for success in mobile learning, with examples illustrating successful use for each strategies. You'll gain insights into how to develop, implement and evaluate mobile learning initiatives. Applying these strategies will greatly increase the chances for success of a mobile learning project. With Julie Evans (Project Tomorrow), Angela Baker (Qualcomm Wireless Reach), and Chris Dede (Harvard University).

Trends in Digital Learning: Empowering Innovative Classroom Models for Learning
Report by Project Tomorrow and Blackboard Inc.
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Release of the 2015 report, Trends in Digital Learning: Empowering Innovative Classroom Models for Learning. This latest report from Blackboard and Project Tomorrow details how schools and districts are using new technologies to create the ultimate learning experience. Report highlights how:

  1. Educators are using new technologies to engage students in and out of school
  2. Blended and digital learning translate directly to student confidence and success
  3. Students are reacting to these evolving and innovative classroom models

Why Student Data?
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Access to student data can improve teaching and learning. Hear firsthand how educators, school districts, and the private sector are using student data to improve educational outcomes and how they are safeguarding student information.

Digital Teachers, Digital Principals: Transforming the Ways We Engage Student
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Engaging students in learning can potentially improve achievement, but increasing student engagement is still an elusive concept in many classrooms. Armed with research findings and classroom practices, we'll provide you with new strategies and ideas to use in your classrooms. With Julie Evans (Project Tomorrow), Robert Miller (Port Orange Elementary), and Kari Stubbs (BrainPOP).

Digital Learning in Special Education Classrooms: Insights from Research and Practice
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Join us for an enlightening conversation between a digital learning researcher and a special education teacher about the impact of digital resources in special education classrooms. Session will feature new research from the Speak Up Project about the aspirations of special education teachers for their ultimate digital classroom.

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