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Reading the Pulse of the K-12 Communications Leader

700+ Communications Leaders reveal what’s at the heart of communication strategies, how parents are involved in school communications, and which tools are most effective for different types of communication.

Blackboard Exclusive Repost

Since 2007, Project Tomorrow has collaborated with Blackboard to create a series of annual reports that focus on year-to-year trends in the use of digital learning tools to change the classroom-learning paradigm through an in-depth analysis of the latest Speak Up data findings. In this report, we examine various communication strategies, such as email, text alerts, and social media; and their effectiveness in various situations, such as emergency alerts, outreach, and brand building communication. We also examine how communications leaders are learning to leverage social media, and which platforms are becoming most useful, in their opinions, for the many necessary forms of communication. These new findings suggest that a lack of Internet access affects some parent-school communications as they are unable to gain as much knowledge about their students’ performance and safety, nor their school’s involvement in the community, with less access to Internet. Click here for access to the full report.

Blackboard Exclusive Report Key Findings


Key Findings include:

  • Emerging importance that district communications officers are placing on engaging and communicating with the parents of young children who are not yet in school
  • Communications pros are increasingly turning to social media vehicles to support their outreach to parents and the community
  • Development of a new “communications divide” that has the potential to disengage or disconnect parents from their local schools because they do not have home Internet access
  • School districts are increasingly prioritizing the accessibility of their websites and other online content in a new effort to enhance communications initiatives

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