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*Students will be required to enter in a survey password to take the survey.

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It’s Time for Speak Up!

Participate in Speak Up October - December and learn what K-12 students, educators, and parents have to say about educational uses of technology in your schools and home!

Want to share more information with your schools and districts? Download our Step by Step Participation Guide—great for school/district leader meetings, as a promotional tool for districts to send to school administrators unfamiliar with the project or as way to get parents involved.

Speak Up provides an easy way for students, parents and educators to participate in your local decisions about technology, as well as contribute to the state and national dialogue about educational technology. Since 2003, Project Tomorrow has collected the viewpoints of nearly 4 million students, educators and parents – the Speak Up dataset represents the largest collection of authentic feedback from these key educational stakeholders.

“Speak Up is an excellent survey tool for the South Carolina Virtual School Program for several reasons. Speak Up is a way for us to survey our students at no charge to us. The promotional materials that are provided to us by Speak-Up survey have never failed to generate interest among our students, and the promotional materials have, without a doubt, helped us to increase our number of responses, which is critical to the success of any survey. Also, the level of transparency is wonderful. Speak Up allow us to not only review our results, but other results across the nation.“
—South Carolina Virtual School Program, South Carolina

“The Speak Up data are useful to us as we develop various action plans and strategies. We also like being part of a national conversation; it's interesting to see how our responses compare to those from our peer districts in the state and around the country.“
—Brevard Public Schools, Florida

“The survey gives us a clear picture of where we are at in our implementation of technology and 21st Century Skills in our teaching and the effect on student learning. This is a work in progress and every year we can see how we have progressed and see where the weak links are and take steps to make positive changes.“
—Yorba Linda Middle School, Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District, California

“ …We view participation in Speak Up as an opportunity - especially for students - to play a part in participatory democracy. Having their voices represented is important to them and to us.“
—Klein Independent School District, Texas

Project Tomorrow is the nation’s leading education nonprofit group dedicated to ensuring that today’s K-12 students are well prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and engaged citizens of the world. We believe that by supporting the innovative uses of science, math and technology resources in our K-12 schools and communities, students will develop the critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills needed to compete and thrive in the 21st century.

  • Speak Up provides you the opportunity to gather information from your students, teachers, school leaders and parents about key educational topics, including: educational technology, 21st century skills, and schools of the future.
  • Speak Up survey results, with national comparisons, will be available online, free of charge the following February.
  • Use the Speak Up data to engage your stakeholders in your strategic planning, budgeting or decision-making processes
  • By encouraging your school or district to participate, you are sending a strong signal that you value your stakeholders’ opinions about K-12 education.
  • We share the Speak Up data with national, state and regional policy makers. Participating in Speak Up ensures that your voice is included in the dialogue about K-12 science, technology and math education.
Students: Educators/Administrators/Community Members/Business Partners:
K-2 Individual Teachers
K-2 Group Principals
Grade 3-5 Librarians
Grade 6-8 District Staff
Grade 9-12 Parents
Community Members and Business Partners* New

Survey topics for Speak Up include, but are not limited to, learning and teaching with technology, 21st century skills, science/math instruction, professional development, STEM career exploration, parents’ concerns, online and blended learning, school-to-home communications, mobile devices, flipped classrooms, e-textbooks, digital citizenship and investment recommendations for 21st century schools.

  1. Visit https://speakup.tomorrow.org  anytime between October and December.
  2. Click on the appropriate survey (Student, Educator, Parent, Community Member, Group).
  3. Follow the given instructions to access the survey. Begin by clicking on the drop down button and select your state, then go to the next line and type in your school name to find your school.
  4. Students will choose their grade level and will be required to enter in a district assigned survey password. *To assign a district level password for students, please sign up as the primary contact of your school or district at: https://speakup.tomorrow.org or contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org
  5. Parents and educators will choose and click the appropriate survey (no password needed)
  6. Complete the survey.

All districts and schools, in the current NCES database, are automatically registered to participate in Speak Up.To manage your school or district information and obtain free, online access to your school or district’s aggregated results, your registration must be activated with a primary/main contact by registering on our website. 

As always, registration is not required, but recommended as you will be kept up to date with important Speak Up information. To learn more about the benefits of designating a main contact please go to our site here, or see below:

  1. Gain administrative access by assigning your district (or school) an organizational login password (administrative password), which allows you to
    • Update district or school contact information.
    • Assign individual student survey passwords to schools. (*optional)
    • Assign school primary contacts to facilitate the survey taking process at the school level. (*optional)
    • Have the ability to monitor district/school’s survey counts at any time through the main contact login.
    • View your district and school data once it becomes available *administrative password is required to view data results.
  2. Ensure confidentiality of your surveys with your students by assigning a survey “secret password” for students to use to take the survey. *Educators and parents are no longer required to enter a password to take the survey.
  3. Receive weekly emails with up to date participation numbers by school and/or district (option to opt out of emails during registration process).
  4. Receive an email from Project Tomorrow when your Speak Up local data becomes available.
  5. Keep up to date on other important updates during the survey process.
  1. District– Has access to all schools within the district. Will only need to assign one contact for the district. The district assigned passwords (administrative and survey) will work for all schools within that district.
  2. School– Access to an individual school site. This is optional. Can assign individual school level passwords different from the district passwords (district passwords will work in addition to school level passwords).
  3. Private School– Access to your individual school. If you would like to group a set of private schools to receive a grouped dataset much like the district level reports, please contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org.
  4. Organization– Please contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org to help set up your registration.
  5. International school– Access to your individual school. If you would like to group a set of schools to receive a grouped dataset much like the district level reports, please contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org.

To register, log onto our site here.
If you prefer to have us register for you, please send us an e-mail to speakup@tomorrow.org with the following information:

  1. The name of your district or school
  2. Your State
  3. Name, title, and email address of the main contact
  4. A student survey password
  5. An organizational login password (to view weekly survey counts and other important updates during the survey period)
    We will then send you a follow up email with a PDF of your school list and passwords to confirm that your district/school has been registered.

Let’s make this year the highest-rated year yet for AVID! Spread the word!

Once the survey opens we normally send a weekly email update of your district’s progress on survey counts. Currently we have emails set as opt- in, if you would not like to receive these emails please send us an email, or opt-out during the registration process.

The next step is to start getting the word out about Speak Up! To get started we suggest posting the Speak Up link (https://speakup.tomorrow.org), dates, and survey password on your district calendar and/or website as well as promoting/encouraging participation of the survey during school activities & PTA meetings. Below, you’ll find links to our promotional materials that were specifically made for your use. To view the full list of promotional materials, visit our promotional materials site here.

Contact your Regional Education Service Center or Project Tomorrow at Speakup@tomorrow.com with any questions you may have.