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Speak Up Advisory Meeting

June 30, 2014


  • Lucy Gray
  • Steve Hargadon
  • Ryan Imbriale
  • Holly Lynde
  • Ann McMullan
  • Dan Meyer
  • Kristy Sailors
  • Ben Smith
  • Vickey Sullivan
  • Barbara Treacy

Next chapter of speak up...

  • What do you think the future of speak up should be?
  • Are there specific things that we should be putting on the survey?
  • Let’s NOT put the same questions as everyone else on our survey
  • How can we keep this going without being a burden... conference calls?
    • Webinars? What would that look like?
  • What other people can we invite to this group?
  • Thinking very critically about our messaging

Where are we today?
Used for providing context

  • Students enjoy being asked their opinion... educator and teacher voice are being less and less heard these days
  • Even if we never look at the data, teachers can look at these questions and they are tremendous PD for them as well as administrators. Helps to think about where there may be a disconnect
  • Helpful to use this data for writing grants and funding
  • We can ask, “how have you used this data?” to see what other stories are out there
  • Need to redefine what we call “participation”
  • Some people say that they only need the national data
  • Comparisons of rural, urban, suburban to show similarities... state specific, is there anything going on in your state right now?
  • Connectivity conversation... where is you access?
  • Data driven decision making in districts
  • Districts had trouble analyzing their own data... need tools to help them analyze.
  • Who can they talk to about how their results matter? How they compare?
  • Somewhere to login to access pre-made slides? Gives you a way to connect with those people who are using the data
  • How are people using the data? How is it impacting change?
  • Tool kit of some kind to explain how people are using the data
  • Is there a way to somehow automate a statement to district administrators at where their district is at? one pager general summary. Nationally compared to that district.
  • Offer a phone all or webinar to go through with a group of leaders so hey now how to use the data. A good place to start.
  • Need to break the cycle of those participate, get back the data, and then never participate again because they don’t know what to do with the data.
  • Need to make sure we are staying relevant, putting in fresh questions.
  • Does every participating organization have a point person? Title them in each state.
  • Consultants on staff that could provide the “tool kits”
  • What services can we offer? People need help... need some formal way of helping people understand how to use the data.
  • Who in the state are we compared to? What are they doing differently that we are not doing? What can we learn from their data and how can we make a plan?
  • Interactive map that tells you about district participation. Can their be an opt in for those who want to share their data/story. Snapshots.
  • How are we reaching out to organizations and superintendents? (From a marketing standpoint)
  • Additional questions to address teaching and learning. Specific questions about content areas. Expand question sets and themes.
  • What is the survey?
    • Are the questions chunked? Or straight though? We need to visually not make it looks so long.
  • Checking back on the content to take out any redundancy in questions.
  • List of different content areas for us or a consultant team to contact.

How can we get in contact?

  • Online?
  • On a quarterly basis?
    • Email list
    • Google community
    • Something scheduled so that i check regularly
    • Calendar appointments
    • Send surveys for voting
    • Quarterly calls with targeted topics
    • Do you know of other people that would be interested in this forum?