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About the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning

About Speak Up Snapshots

While some districts get all the feedback data they need from participating in the annual Speak Up project, we have found that others either need additional data to drill down on a topic or only need a specific set of data on one topic. We have created Speak Up Snapshots to help meet those needs, beginning with a mobile learning evaluation tool and a professional learning feedback tool.

Beginning in 2018, schools and districts can choose to 1) participate in Speak Up by selecting one of our annual question decks (current or longitudinal) as needed to collect feedback from their students, staff, parents and/or community, 2) use one or both of these new Snapshots as stand-alone tools 3) use all the Speak Up tools: annual Speak Up questions, Mobile Learning Impact Snapshot and Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot.

The snapshots are currently open for participation during the same period as Speak Up.

While we have seen huge growth in technology investments in schools, we know that relatively few schools or districts have conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the impact of all of these mobile devices in the classroom. Building on more than a decade of evaluation studies and insights from the Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning, this new Snapshot is a research-based tool designed to help school leaders get beyond just “student engagement” as a level of success (or failure) of their mobile learning initiatives to better explain the ROI of their investments.

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The top issue facing school principals today – relative to the use of technology within learning – is how to motivate and train their teachers to change their instructional practices to more seamlessly integrate technology into instruction. While teachers are using more digital content than ever before and have greater access to digital tools including mobile devices in their classroom than ever before, there still is a gap between usage and effectiveness. And, teachers tell us they need and want more professional learning experiences to be able to use technology more effectively. This new Snapshot tool allows administrators to learn more from their teachers about their preferences and interests in professional learning experiences to support more effective use of technology.

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