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Summit Learning Teacher Feedback Study National Report from Project Tomorrow

August 2021 

On behalf of Gradient Learning, Project Tomorrow designed and implemented an online survey in spring 2021 to collect both quantitative and qualitative feedback from Summit Learning teachers nationwide. The goal with the data collection effort was to better understand teachers’ lived experiences with Summit Learning and how Summit Learning benefits both teachers and students. The survey included questions about teachers’ views on mentoring, the impact of Habits of Success, the Summit Learning platform, project-based learning, and technology use within the classroom. Teachers’ overall satisfaction with Summit Learning was also polled. Survey question types included multiple choice items, Likert scales and open-ended narrative responses.

The findings from this national research on Summit Learning is documented in a new report created by Project Tomorrow. The report includes the views of 1,418 Summit Learning teachers from 164 different school districts nationwide and provides new insights about the types of outcomes schools and districts can realize when implementing Summit Learning. Those outcomes include:

82% of Summit Learning teachers say that their 1:1 mentoring time with students results in positive changes in the academic performance of their students.

Two-thirds of Summit Learning teachers (65%) say that they are a stronger, more effective teacher because of Summit Learning.

What we learned about Summit Learning teachers:

  1. Summit Learning teachers connect the success of their students and their personal success as an educator to Summit Learning values, pedagogical approaches and supporting resources.

  2. Summit Learning teachers say the biggest change they have seen at their school as a result of Summit Learning is an increased emphasis on student agency and self-directed learning.

  3. Summit Learning teachers are more comfortable with digital learning practices than teachers nationwide (compared to Speak Up national results). They see greater benefits from the effective use of technology within learning including a higher valuation on the impact of effective technology use on students’ future success.

  4. Summit Learning teachers highly value their working relationships with Summit Learning colleagues at their school and are connecting weekly with those peers to exchange ideas and solve problems collaboratively.

  5. Summit Learning teachers believe that when schools prioritize whole-child learning students perform better both on academic and non-academic measures.