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Summit Learning 2022 Feedback Study: Teachers and School Leaders

Review of Key Findings from the Spring 2022 Study Prepared for Gradient Learning by Project Tomorrow

With adoption in hundreds of schools nationwide, Summit Learning is inspiring a new generation of education leaders to reimagine teaching and learning and to put a renewed emphasis on tailoring instructional strategies to meet the needs of every student. The Summit Learning program is provided to schools by Gradient Learning, an education nonprofit organization with a mission to ensure that all students are equipped with what they need to meet their full potential while fostering success for all.

With a strong commitment to incorporating feedback from teachers and school leaders using Summit Learning as input for program enhancements, Gradient Learning partnered with Project Tomorrow® to collect quantitative and qualitative feedback from those stakeholders through a series of online surveys in spring 2022. Survey question types included multiple choice items, Likert scales and open-ended narrative responses. The online survey was promoted by Gradient Learning to Summit Learning schools and was open for teacher and school leader input from March 28 to June 3, 2022. In total, 1,237 Summit Learning teachers and 190 Summit Learning school leaders submitted a Feedback Survey.

The resulting data was analyzed to produce descriptive statistics and to reveal similarities and differences between sub-groups of teachers and their leadership. The open-ended narrative responses were evaluated and coded to provide additional context for the quantitative data results. For teachers, the data was further disaggregated by various profiling variables including content area assignment, school community type, grade level assignments and years of experience with Summit Learning. Where applicable, comparable data from Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up® Research Project results are shared to provide additional comparative insights into the findings. The resulting report provides a snapshot view of the key findings from the 2022 Teacher and School Leader Feedback Study. Those key findings include:

Summit Learning improves student academic outcomes according to 95% of school leaders and 82% of teachers.

83% of teachers say that they are a stronger teacher because of Summit Learning. 93% of school leaders say they are a stronger leader because of Summit Learning.

81% of teachers say that Summit Learning is helping them address the impact of school disruptions on their students’ academic progress.

To support student centered learning, 91% of Summit Learning teachers report that they are using instructional differentiation strategies. Based upon the national Speak Up Research findings, Summit Learning teachers are more likely than teachers nationwide to be comfortable tailoring instruction to meet individual student needs.

School leaders report that Summit Learning increases family and caregiver engagement in their child’s learning life by providing greater insight and visibility into academic progress and results.

“The most important impact Summit Learning has had is that it has encouraged teachers and students to think about habits that will help students become successful.”

—Junior/Senior High School Leader (IA)

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