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Speak Up 2022 National Surveys

Thank you for your interest in Project Tomorrow’s Speak Up National Surveys. 

The purpose of the Speak Up National Surveys is to collect and report on how  education leaders view key emerging topics in education.  The aggregated national data from these 2022 surveys will inform state and federal policymakers, program developers and funders about the current needs in K-12 education. You play an important role in this process by ensuring  that the key issues , opportunities and challenges within your district and community are heard!

This year, Project Tomorrow is providing four different online surveys for input by K-12 school and district leaders.  Choose the survey that best corresponds with your responsibilities and interests - and share your views with us today!

Your responses are always anonymous and protected by Project Tomorrow.  We only report on nationally aggregated data. Your individual  responses are never shared with anyone.

As a thank you for your participation , we will  share  the final results from the national surveys so that you can see how your views correspond with other K-12 leaders nationwide.  We will also randomly select  80 K-12 leaders (20 from each survey group) to receive a $50 gift card. 

Be part of the Speak Up movement.Share your views and insights on the state of education and digital learning today by participating in  our national surveys.  Your voice is important!



Recommended titles: 

  • Superintendent (District Executive, CEO)
  • Assistant/Deputy Superintendent
  • CTO/CIO/Technology Director
  • Communications/Public Relations Officer or Director
  • Curriculum & Instruction Director
  • ELL/ESL Director
  • Special Education Director
  • Other Director/Manager/Coordinator/Specialist



Recommended titles:

  • Chief Information Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Information Technology Director
  • Director of Educational or Instructional Technology
  • Technology Coordinator – District or Central Office
  • IT Support Staff
  • Other titles with a special interest in K-12 cybersecurity 



Recommended titles:

  • CIO/CTO/IT Director
  • Director of Educational or Instructional Technology
  • Technology Coordinator
  • Instructional Technology Coach/Specialist
  • Director of Educational or Instructional Technology
  • Tech Support Professional



Recommended titles:

  • Director of Communications / Chief Communications Officer/ Associate – Assistant Superintendent
  • Director of Social Media
  • Director of Public Relations
  • Public Information Officer
  • Communications Specialist

For questions about our National Surveys or general Speak up inquiries, please contact Stef Rios at erios@tomorrow.org