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The E-Learning from Home Experience – Research and Data Collection Tools from Project Tomorrow

Project Tomorrow has a 17 year history of understanding the complicated issues around at home Internet connectivity to support extended student learning, and the impact of the homework gap on students’ preparation for future success.  Since 2003, we have collected and reported on the access (or lack of access) that students have at home to technology tools and the Internet through our Speak Up Research Initiative. To support the current needs of K-12 schools and districts during the COVID19 pandemic, we have assembled a comprehensive set of resources on home connectivity and remote learning to help K-12 school and district leaders understand the readiness and impact of at home e-learning on their students, parents and families. Our set of resources include reports, infographics, webinar recordings, presentations and tools for local data collection to help education leaders make key decisions and investments for the school year no matter whether their back-to-school format is fully online, fully face-to-face on premises, or a hybrid blend of both.  These resources are available for any K-12 school or district to use.  If you are looking for additional data or resources that are not listed here, please contact us at speakup@tomorrow.org.  We will be happy to provide additional research or tools to meet your needs.  

Reports and infographics based upon Speak Up Research Findings:

Webinars and online conference presentations from Project Tomorrow:

Data collection tools to support the e-learning experience from home:

Schools and districts can use any of the Speak Up tools to support local data collection of the views, ideas and aspirations of your K-12 students, parents and educators on new learning models and digital learning in particular.  Those tools are available for use by any K-12 school or district.  There are no fees to participate in the annual Speak Up data collection process.  All surveys are 100% confidential.  Participating schools and districts receive all locally collected data along with national comparative data.  The annual Speak Up surveys will open on October 14, 2020.  Register to receive more information here or by contacting speakup@tomorrow.org

The following special data collection tools have been developed to help schools and districts collect specialized data to inform key decisions about supporting the e-learning experience at home.  These tools have been developed using the same professionalism, expertise and knowledge about effective data collection that we use for our Speak Up surveys.  Schools and districts can promote these surveys to the appropriate stakeholder groups, parents or school administrators.  Project Tomorrow will share back with all participating schools and districts 100% of the data collected from your stakeholders.  To receive that data, please complete this form so that we know how to contact you with your locally collected data.   

Parents’ views on the e-learning experience from home

  • Short, 10-minute online survey to learn about the views, concerns and aspirations of your parents regarding their children’s learning experiences during this time.  Includes questions about students’ access to devices and the Internet to support learning at home. Share this survey link with your parent audience.

Administrators’ needs to support effective different learning models as a result of COVID19

Student Voice and Choice Lesson Plans During School Closures

Facilitating Speak Up

Speak Up provides a great opportunity for school and district leaders to hear directly from their students about key education trends. Student voice and choice about learning is more important than ever. To help support discussions that empower student voice, we have created a new set of lesson plans for students in elementary, middle and high school that are especially designed for facilitation during remote e-learning. Each lesson contains instructions for administering the Speak Up survey, discussion prompts, collaborative activities and extension activities for use with your students. Please feel free to share these with your teachers. We would be happy to provide additional support as needed. Just let us know!