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Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot

School and district leaders tell Project Tomorrow that the professional learning insights they gain from their teachers is among the top five benefits they receive by participating in the Speak Up Research Initiative. To support this, we’ve created a Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot tool for those schools or districts who want to dig a little deeper into this topic with their teachers. As with all Speak Up tools, this Snapshot is also a free service.

From the Speak Up data and focus group feedback, we know that the #1 issue facing school principals today – relative to the use of technology within learning – is how to motivate and train their teachers to change their instructional practices to more seamlessly integrate technology into instruction.

And, teachers tell us they need and want more professional learning experiences to be able to use technology more effectively. In fact, via Speak Up, more than half identified more of this type of professional development as their #1 need last year.

While teachers are using more digital content than ever before and have greater access to digital tools including mobile devices in their classroom, there still is a gap between usage and effectiveness. Driving that gap is teachers’ lack of confidence or comfort with using many digital tools. For example, only 23 percent of teachers say they are very comfortable integrating mobile devices into instruction with their students. Yet, 82 percent of teachers say their students have regular access to mobile devices to use for learning in their classroom. (See more insights into professional learning from Speak Up 2017.)

This Snapshot tool allows administrators to learn more from their teachers about their preferences and interests in professional learning experiences to support more effective use of technology.

District or school leaders should register to use the Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot to:

  • learn what your teachers need and want for professional development,
  • gain comparative state and or national data to use as benchmarks for your school or district data,
  • show your teachers you value their input into their own professional learning and
  • create a high impact professional development plan for your school or district.

The annual Speak Up surveys always include questions about professional learning and development for teachers, but this Snapshot – which can be a stand-alone tool or used along with the annual Speak Up tools – digs deeper into what is needed and where professional learning is most effective.

How is works:

  • Schools and districts can sign up to use the Teacher Professional Learning Snapshot survey to gain feedback from teachersany time during the school year about their current professional learning experiences, their wish list and needs for professional development this year, and their preferences for the types of professional learning experiences that will be most effective for them.
  • The online teacher survey is only 15 questions and should take no longer than 12-15 minute to complete.
  • Local data will be available to school and district leaders (along with comparative state and national level data) through your administrative profile.
  • In the spring, Project Tomorrow will provide a guide for school and district leaders to use to evaluate their professional learning needs and a toolkit to help leaders develop an effective plan for school or district wide professional learning. The toolkit will include recommendations from Project Tomorrow based upon your local results and templates for sharing the data results if you desire within your school or district teams.

To get started, districts or schools need to register a contact person to take part in Speak Up.

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