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It’s Time for Speak Up in Illinois!

Participate in Speak Up and learn what K-12 students, educators, and parents have to say about digital learning in your schools and at home!

Want to share more information with your district? Download our Step by Step Participation Guide—great for school/district leader meetings, as a promotional tool for districts to send to school administrators unfamiliar with the project or as way to get parents involved.

Speak Up provides an easy way for students, parents and educators to participate in your local decisions about technology, as well as contribute to the state and national dialogue about educational technology. Since 2003, Project Tomorrow has collected the viewpoints of students, educators and parents – the Speak Up dataset represents the largest collection of authentic feedback from these key educational stakeholders.

Project Tomorrow is the nation’s leading education nonprofit group dedicated to ensuring that today’s K-12 students are well prepared to become tomorrow’s leaders, innovators and engaged citizens of the world. To address this mission, we design and implement landmark research on digital learning, school and community programs promoting innovation in science and math education, and advocacy efforts empowering the voices of K-12 education stakeholders.

  • Speak Up provides you the opportunity to gather information from your students, teachers, school leaders and parents about key educational topics, including: educational technology, student preparation, school climate, professional development, and schools of the future.
  • Speak Up survey results, with national comparisons, will be available online, free of charge in February.
  • Use the Speak Up data to engage your stakeholders in your strategic planning, budgeting or decision-making processes
  • By encouraging your school or district to participate, you are demonstrating that you value your stakeholders’ opinions about K-12 education.
  • We share the Speak Up data with national, state and regional policy makers. Participating in Speak Up ensures that your voice is included in the dialogue about K-12 science, technology and math education.

“Speak Up is a well-crafted survey that gives our district valuable information to help strategic planning.“
—Wisconsin School District

“Rather than spending time preparing a survey and compiling the data, we make use of the survey because it is already prepared, the data is compiled, assistance is available to help us interpret it, AND the data is compared and as a nation overall dissected for current trends in the data.”
—Texas School District

“A low-cost, high-reward way to approach gathering feedback for tech decision making.”
—Massachusetts School District

“[Speak Up] is not just about technology. It is about how students want to learn and what parents value. It gives us good feedback to use for decision making as well as presenting data to key leaders.“
—Alabama School District

“The data collected from the broad range of respondents is timely and targeted specifically to technology use in education. Therefore, it’s a great tool for decision makers to use for instructional, professional development and budget planning.“
—California School District

“Speak Up data has helped garner support for 1 to 1 initiatives, increased professional development and changes in instructional best practices and expectations.“
—Virginia School District

“Through the years, I have used Speak Up data to help prepare the District’s strategic plan, to plan professional development, and to help shape a shared vision of how technology and core curriculum should be delivered. Data results have been referenced when planning the district's budget and prioritizing technology infrastructure and instructional technology investments. Speak Up data has been used to help craft and secure competitive grants and it has led to the consideration and creation of new courses.“
—Pennsylvania School District

For more testimonials, please visit: https://tomorrow.org/speakup/speakup_in_action.html

Let’s make this year the highest-rated year yet for the state of Illinois! Spread the word!

  • Students Grades K-2 (Individual or Group)
  • Students Grades 3-5 (Individual or Group)
  • Students Grades 6-12
  • Parents (Individual or Group)
  • Teachers
  • School Administration
  • Librarians & Media Specialists
  • District Administration
  • Technology Leader
  • Communication Officers (Biennial)
  • Community Members (Individual or Group)
  • Parent in Spanish (Individual or Group)
  • Parent Group Input Questions (English/Spanish)



  • Tech Use
  • School Climate
  • Models
  • Access
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)

Strategic Planning

  • Tech Value
  • Tech Challenges
  • Tech Aspirations
  • Funding/ROI
  • Data Usage
  • Professional Development (PD)
  • School Safety

Emerging Tech

  • Mobile Learning
  • Online Learning
  • Digital Content
  • Digital Media
  • Cloud

Student Preparation

  • College and Career Readiness Skills
  • Career Interest
  • Digital Citizenship

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Getting started
All districts and schools, in the current NCES database, are automatically included in our school database to participate in Speak Up. To manage your school or district information and obtain free, online access to your school or district’s aggregated results, you will need to register with a primary contact on our survey website.

As always, registration is not required, but recommended as you will be kept up to date with important Speak Up information. To learn more about the benefits of designating a primary contact, please go to our site here.

To register now, go to https://speakup.tomorrow.org/register.aspx.

The next step is to start getting the word out about Speak Up! To get started we suggest posting the Speak Up link (https://speakup.tomorrow.org) and your selected participation dates, and survey password on your district calendar and/or website as well as promoting/encouraging participation of the survey during school activities & PTA meetings. Below, you’ll find links to our promotional materials that were specifically made for your use. To view the full list of promotional materials, visit our promotional materials site here.

There are three ways to direct your participants to take the survey: General links, District Direct Links and School direct links.
General Links
Participates will search for their school and select survey type to access the survey.
Speak Up Annual

Speak Up Snapshots – abbreviated versions of the annual survey that range from 5-15 questions. Participants will search for their school. Please contact the Speak Up team for direct links for these surveys.
Mobile Learning Impact Snapshot
Professional Learning Snapshot
Parent School-to-Home Communications 
Parent School Safety
Student Digital Citizenship 

District Direct links
District direct links are available to registered district primary contacts through the primary contact admin portal, under the option “District Direct Customization”. This custom link will serve as the link for all schools within your district. Only your list of schools will show up on the school look up page.

School Direct links
School direct links are available to registered primary contacts at both the school and district level through the primary contact admin portal, under the option “obtain direct links”. These unique URL links allow your participants to bypass school look up and audience selection and instead start right at the beginning of their appropriate set of questions. Each link is school and audience specific.

Contact your Regional Education Service Center or Project Tomorrow at Speakup@tomorrow.org with any questions you may have.