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Speak Up is the largest collection of authentic education stakeholder voices. Over its twenty-year history, Speak Up annual surveys have collected the input of over six million participants with its findings used by 30,000 schools. Open to all schools free of charge, Speak Up is a leadership support tool for school and district decision makers and suite of normed online surveys for K-12 students, parents, teachers, and site administrators. Summary report include 100% locally collected data + state and national data for benchmarking. Five reasons why Speak Up will benefit schools and school districts:

  1. Better decision making when you understand the views and values of your key stakeholders

  2. Efficient way to collect stakeholder feedback, eliminating the need to build your own surveys

  3. Validated and proven questions

  4. Comparative state and national data reports

  5. Regularly informs state and federal policies, programs, and funding on education

District administrators are talking about the benefits of Speak Up

Via Speak Up, I finally have data that is useful and meaningful; it is an amazing service that is provided to schools. I can't wait to compare data from last year to this year to see how we've changed, how we've grown, etc. It is an amazing planning tool.” St. Ignatius High School (OH)

“[By using our Speak Up data] we targeted specific questions and asked each school to address those needs in their school tech plans. We pulled out specific responses on a few specific questions for our district accreditation.” Shelby County (AL)

“Each year the Blue Valley School District administers the Speak Up survey to students to obtain insights into how students are using technologies throughout the learning process. Responses to the surveys provide evidence on the variety, frequency, and types of applications where students use technologies. Administrator, Blue Valley School District (KS)

Speak Up data has helped garner support for increased professional development and changes in instructional best practices and expectations.” Frederick County Public Schools (VA)

The Speak Up survey is a free resource that will yield an abundance of data that is of critical importance to schools. The purchase of a similar survey would be out of reach for many schools so the availability of this survey is a godsend.”  Southern Columbia Area School District (PA)

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