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The New Math for Justifying Online Learning: Leveraging ROI and VOI Analysis for ED Tech Investments

Released at Bb World 2011, July 14, 2011

Report cover The New Math for Justifying Online Learning addresses the opportunities that exist for districts to think anew about how they are justifying online learning initiatives as well as other emerging technology projects. The recommendations, tools and featured projects described in the report are designed to support and enhance the current activities of school and district leaders, who are just starting out with an online learning initiative or considering expansion of existing projects. Key questions examined in this report include:

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The tools, findings and case studies highlighted in this report are the result of data collected from 34 district administrators through an online survey, extensive interviews with ten district leaders and findings from the Speak Up National Research Project. Though many experts provided valuable input to this project, Project Tomorrow and Blackboard, Inc. would like to especially thank the following district leaders for sharing their unique insights, proven wisdom and real world experiences with us:

Judy Bauernschmidt
Jefferson County Public Schools (CO)

Bill Bucklew
Polk County Public Schools (FL)

Allison Calderon
Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)

Tracy Clanton-Smith
Lubbock Independent School District (TX)

Mike Foland
Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)

Alisa Jones
School District of Clay County (FL)

Jill Montoya
Jefferson County Public Schools (CO)

Bert Ross
Baltimore City Public Schools (MD)

Scott Smith
Mooresville Graded School District (NC)

Marilyn Underwood
Marion County Public Schools (FL)

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