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Project K-Nect
Mobile Learning in Onslow County
(North Carolina)

Project K-Nect is a pilot program in Onslow County Schools (North Carolina) where teachers utilize Smart Phones to teach selected math courses. Developed by Digital Millennial Consulting and funded in part through Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative, the program is designed to increase student achievement in math and close the digital disconnect for students in Onslow County Schools in North Carolina.

PhotoAs part of the Project K-Nect classes, students are given smart phones with 24/7 Internet access which they can use at home or school. Students have full access to both the Project K-Nect curriculum, as well as the smart phone features including instant messaging, video and photo capabilities, calculators and Internet access.

During the 2009-2010 school, Digital Millennial Consulting contracted with Project Tomorrow, a national education nonprofit organization, to conduct a program evaluation for Project K-Nect. Project Tomorrow was selected to conduct the program evaluation because of its extensive research through the Speak Up National Research Project, which documents the use of emerging technologies for learning in and out school, as well as its expertise with incorporating students’ perspectives into discussions about the use educational technology for learning.

The program evaluation highlights the benefits to both teachers and students of incorporating mobile devices in the classroom and the power these devices have to transform both teaching and learning for our students. Key findings:

Click here to download the report. Additional information about Project K-Nect is on the website for Digital Millennial Consulting.

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