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The vision of Project Tomorrow is to ensure that today’s students are well prepared to be tomorrow’s innovators, leaders and engaged citizens of the world.  We believe that by supporting the innovative uses of science, math and technology resources in our K-12 schools and communities, students will develop the critical thinking, problem solving and creativity skills needed to compete and thrive in the 21st century.

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McKinley Technology High School
Gale Resource Efficacy Study—Year Two Results
January 2013

“Here’s the advice I would give to freshman coming into McKinley. Don’t bother with Google. With Gale you can read it, you can watch it, and you can listen to it! Don’t Google it, Gale it!”

— Graduating McKinley Technology High School Senior (June 2012)

This white paper highlights the results of the McKinley/Gale Study Project conducted by Project Tomorrow for Cengage Learning during the 2011-2012 school year at McKinley Technology High School in Washington, DC. The purpose of this efficacy study is to evaluate and document how teachers can use high-quality, digitally rich Gale resources from Cengage Learning to develop students’ 21st century skills, and what effects the use of technology in the classroom has on student engagement and performance.

The key findings from the second year of this innovative study include:

  • The use of the Gale resources is most effective when the resources support project-based learning activities in the classroom.
  • To influence changes in teacher practice around the use of digital content and resources, it is advantageous to have teachers use products such as Gale resources first as a personal productivity tool.
  • Teachers highly value the use of the Gale resources to enhance their lessons or to improve learning experiences for their students.
  • Students place a higher premium on the use of the Gale resources to improve their college and career ready skills and outcomes than their teachers.
  • Students in classrooms where the teachers integrate the Gale resources demonstrate greater academic achievement.

Click here to download a copy of the report from Cengage Learning’s website.

For a copy of the report on the 1st year findings: Positively Impacting Student Achieve—Studying the effects of Gale Resources in the classroom please, click here.

About Gale

Gale, a part of Cengage Learning, is a world leader in e-research and educational publishing for libraries, schools, and businesses. Best known for its accurate and authoritative reference content as well as its intelligent organization of full-text magazine and newspaper articles, the company creates and maintains more than 600 databases that are published online, in print, as eBooks, and in microform. Major brands include InfoTrac, Gale Virtual Reference Library — the company’s eBook platform — and the unparalleled Gale Digital Collections such as Nineteenth Century Collections Online. In addition to serving the school and library communities, Gale also licenses its proprietary content for integration within Web-based information services. Nearly
100 organizations — including LookSmart, Dow Jones, and Thomson Financial — presently enjoy strategic business distribution partnerships with Gale.

About Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning is a leading provider of innovative teaching, learning, and research solutions for academic, professional, and library markets worldwide. The company’s products and services are designed to foster academic excellence and professional development, increase engagement, improve learning outcomes, and deliver authoritative information to people whenever and wherever they need it. Through the company’s unique position within both the library and academic markets, Cengage Learning is providing integrated learning solutions that bridge from the library to the classroom.