A career exploration program where high school students explore teaching as a career



From participating Elementary School Teachers:

“I think the program is great, and the students seemed super well trained in planning and executing engaging and relevant lessons. This group of students was exceptional in their teaching, and improved their management skills so much throughout the year…”

“Honestly, I think everything that you are doing is wonderful!! Everyone wins from this program and I hope it can continue at [ our school]!” 

From participating High School Teacher Leaders:

“[My students] have grown in confidence and communication. They are able to keep control over their classes through improved classroom management.”

“[YT2L] has given then a new understanding of patience and respect. Students have witnessed kindergarten through high school classrooms and see a wide range of learning strategies and project-based learning.”

“Students have increased in their maturity, confidence, communication skills, intellectual skills and more important responsibility.”

From participating High School Students:

“The only feedback I have is that my teacher did a great job showing us the rawness of everything that teaching includes, even the pay and everything else.”

“It was a great class and I have learned so much from being able to go into a teaching environment and get hands-on experience!”

“My view of science has changed drastically ever since I’ve become part of the docent life.  I enjoy science much more now and have fun teaching it.  Now that I have been a docent and taught science to kids, I have found that science could very well in fact be fun.”

“I have never been one to step up and be a leader, but this [program] has showed me that I can be”

“Every day at 8 o’clock A.M., I walked through the doors to my YT2L class knowing that I would learn a new life skill that day.”

“Even if some of them are not planning on being a teacher, this class is still a great one to be a part of because you learn how to come out of your shell, speak to your peers and younger students, become organized, and learn time management.”

“I think that because of this course I would be more comfortable and willing if I were to end up teaching science. It wasn’t a topic I had ever really considered before this course. Now I think it would be one of the most fun courses to teach.”

“YT2L has given me the passion again to do what I really wanted to do which was to become a teacher. It gave the drive to get my credential and pursue it.”