A career exploration program where high school students explore teaching as a career


"Learning how to work with diversity within our teaching groups is a helpful skill that we will be able to apply wherever we go in life. Knowing how to negotiate and teach others new skills is a vital skill that everyone should learn."
 — Lauren Kasten, Trabuco Hills High School Student (2008) - Mission Viejo, CA


The YouthTEACH2Learn program is a career exploration program where students explore teaching as a career. During the course, the students gain practical experience by observing elementary school classrooms, learning how to teach, developing and teaching standards-based lessons to younger students in neighboring elementary schools and participating in local community service projects. In addition, students also have the opportunity to meet local educators, attend career panels and visit local college campuses in order to determine if the teaching is a "good-fit" for their professional goals.

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The program:

  • Encourages career exploration and increases the number of students entering the teacher pipeline.
  • Increases elementary students' interest in science and math at an early age.
  • Provides elementary school teachers with enhanced science or math lessons and encouragement to improve their own science or math lessons.

What will students do during the class?

  • Work with a team of students to develop and teach science or math lessons to elementary school students.
  • Obtain valuable public speaking and presentation skills.
  • Learn to work on a team.
  • Explore college opportunities as they attend career panels and visit local colleges, such as Santiago Canyon College or the University of California at Irvine.
  • Meet other students who are interested in teaching.
  • Develop relationships with future mentors.

Why would students take the class?

  • Explore teaching as a career.
  • Have the chance to help others learn gaining a sense of accomplishment
  • Gain experience working with children
  • Develop academic and professional skills such as leadership, teamwork, meeting deadlines, and public speaking.
  • Great resume builder, college reference, and work experience.

School Wide Benefits

  • Create an interest in science and math at feeder schools
  • Develop future teachers from the community
  • Create a culture of students able to speak in complete sentences
  • On site resource that can track student interests and trends
  • Adopt a teacher program-help grade papers, develop lesson plans, etc
  • Give students a direction after they graduate and create a college going culture
  • Increase the number of students playing a vital role in the community

What the program includes...

  • Full year curriculum license
  • Teacher guide and student workbooks

What can you add to the program...?

  • High school teacher training
  • Evaluation process and results
  • Online course for students with a micro-credential badge

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