A career exploration program where high school students explore teaching as a career

YT2L Program Application


The YouthTEACH2Learn program is a career exploration program where students explore teaching as a career with a focus on Math and Science instruction. During the course, students gain practical experience by observing elementary school classrooms, learning and developing teaching skills, as well as creating and teaching standards-based lessons at elementary schools. In addition, students also have the opportunity to meet local educators, attend career panels and visit local college campuses in order to determine if the teaching is a "good-fit" for their professional goals.

Benefits of the program:

  • Encourages career exploration and develops professional skills
  • Increases elementary students' interest in science and math at an early age.
  • Provides elementary school teachers with enhanced science or math lessons and encouragement
    to improve their own science or math lessons.
  • Develops a "grow your own" system of teacher development from the community
  • Increases the amount of students playing a vital role in the community

What does the program include?

The program includes a full year curriculum guide with supplemental resources such as presentations and assigned readings. Along with the curriculum is teacher training for the high school teacher and administrator. A program manager will work with each school site to assist in setting up the program, the development of high school approved credit, college and university articulation agreements, program evaluation, as well as the coordination of guest speakers and Educators Rising California events.

What will students do during the class?

This class is set up as a "hands on" linked learning experience in which students move through a series of vignettes designed to introduce prospective future educators to careers in education. Students learn and practice teaching theories and strategies in the classroom and have a chance to implement what they learned by teaching math and science lessons at elementary schools.

Why would students take the class?

There are many reasons for students to take the class. Many students take the class to explore teaching as a career and to gain experience working with children. Some students take the class In order to develop professional skills such as leadership, teamwork, time management, presentation, and public speaking.

To learn more and/or to have your school considered for participation, please contact: Pilar Comparan, Program Coordinator, at or 949 609 4660 ext 12.