Youth Leadership Summit

Leading the Way:

2011 Youth Leadership Summit for Math & Science

2011 Student Co-chairs

Noelle Hannum
Noelle Hannum is currently a senior at Brea Olinda High School. She does not really have a favorite subject, but can say that she enjoys math and science-related classes the most. She is a part of Brea Olinda’s GITA program. The last couple of years, she was a member of Brea Olinda’s girls’ basketball team, the Ladycats, but this year, she decided to take a break and focus on academics and college applications, a kind of bittersweet decision. She enjoys reading, drawing, basketball, hanging out with friends and family, and being involved in her church. She hopes to go to a college here in California and major in either aerospace or mechanical engineering (or more preferably both), meet new people, make new friends, and prepare for life in the real world.

Hailey McClain
Hailey McClain is currently a senior at San Juan Hills High School. She has become very involved in planning her future through school with joining clubs, ROP classes in the medical and teaching fields, and connecting with her peers. She hopes to study at a 4-year university in the fall and major in nursing, so one day she can work at Hoag Hospital in the neonatal intensive care unit. Some of her favorite classes are AP Biology, AP statistics, and English. She has a fascination with helping others and hopes to pursue this dream by becoming a nurse. During her free time, she competes around the country with her competitive cheer team at Pacific Coast Magic, coaches as a tumbling instructor, travels with her family, and hangs out with her best friends. She has a passion for helping others and would love to someday go on a mission trip to Africa. Her dreams and goals in life will continue to grow and drive her to create a successful future. She has learned that we can help our selves through helping others, and both sides will be rewarded.

Natalie Rudloff
Natalie Rudloff is currently a senior at San Juan Hills High School. She is very interested in going to a 4-year university and majoring in Journalism. She is involved in many extra curricular activities, especially competitive cheerleading at Pacific Coast Magic. Some of her interests are reading, writing, spending time with family and having fun with my friends. She loves learning new things and having new experiences.