Empowering YOUth Conference

Empowering YOUth Conference FAQs

Can teachers attend this event?
This is an event for students. The Conference is designed to provide students with valuable information about workforce development trends and what they need to do to be well prepared for the jobs of the future.

We have a limited number of seats for teachers to attend as chaperones to the event. You will find a designation for teachers or chaperones on the registration form.

If you would like to participate as a speaker for the event, please call us, we would like to talk to you!
949-609-4660 Ext. 11

Can individuals Register for this event?
We encourage teachers to register their students as a class. Participating students generally attend as a class and join their fellow students on the bus to and from the Conference.

Is transportation available for this event?
Please contact us to let us know your transportation needs. This is a very exciting STEAM event for students and we want your students to benefit from everything the Conference has to offer them.

If transportation is a concern, please call us to discuss options available for your students.
949-609-4660 Ext. 11