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Hosted by Project Tomorrow and BrainPOP in collaboration with ISTE

Learn what your students and teachers really think about digital learning

Speak Up International (SUI) is an easy way for international schools to learn what their students and staff are looking for when it comes to technology and learning. SUI is a part of the long-running Speak Up Research Initiative that offers this free service to schools across the U.S., and, increasingly, the globe. Participation in SUI is open to all international schools where instruction is primarily in English.

Speak Up is an initiative of Project Tomorrow, a nonprofit leader in education focused on students having greater involvement in their education. Speak Up International is a collaboration between BrainPOP, Project Tomorrow and ISTE. Since 2003, Project Tomorrow has gathered the views of more than 5 million students, educators and parents via Speak Up. The Speak Up database represents the largest collection of feedback from these key stakeholders.

Speak Up International will provide authentic feedback to participating schools from their students and staff on their experiences with and aspirations for using digital tools and resources for learning. It also gives students, educators and school administrators a voice in these important discussions on the future of learning around the world.

If you are interested in participating in a future run of Speak Up International, please contact the Speak Up team at Speakup@tomorrow.org.