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NetDay National Leadership Summit

On March 31, 2001, leaders from education, community, industry and government gathered at NetDay’s National Leadership Summit on Education and Technology to share experiences and expertise on the how to use technology effectively to achieve educational goals. Participants began to identify the challenges today’s school leaders face when integrating technology. NetDay’s initiatives develop, nurture and promote effective models of leadership for our K-12 schools on education technology.

Special Features
Leadership Summit Program
Defining Leadership

Leadership Summit Goals

  • To facilitate discussions at national, state and local levels on education technology leadership,

  • To share good models of effective leadership that can be emulated,

  • To provide opportunities for community stakeholders to collaborate in support of effective school leadership, and

  • To bridge the “leadership divide” through the effective dissemination of information and knowledge so that all communities can benefit from the Leadership Campaign.

Leadership Stakeholders

  • Educators - school site leaders who are searching for effective models on how to integrate technology to support educational results

  • Community Leaders - local government, business and community support leaders who understand the impact of a citizenry and a workforce that has received a high quality education that is rich in information literacy

  • National Business Partners - business organizations and corporations that are strong advocates of effective strong leadership for technology as a means to higher achievement and higher accountability within our schools

  • National Education Partners - education associations and organizations that can share success stories, lessons learned and effective models for leadership

  • State and National Government Leaders - elected representatives who understand that higher educational achievement demands strong local leadership in our schools.