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Building family support for science through Family Science Nights

Why host a Family Science Night?
Science is important because it excites and engages students in learning. Exemplary science curriculum that fosters the development of thinking and problem-solving skills provides the foundation for learning and successful application.

One of the ways for families to become familiar with science is through Family Science Nights. These fun-filled evenings provide an environment and structure where families can comfortably explore, experiment and talk about science.

Families that participate in these evenings have a greater understanding of the importance of science in their child's life. Parents and teachers can then work together to improve attitudes towards science and encourage students to build a strong scientific foundation that will serve them well in upper grades and college.

Family Science Night Showcase
Family Science Nights, like any school event, vary from school to school and district to district. Some sites purchase ready-made programs that facilitate the implementation of Family Science Nights. While other sites, create their own science activities to share with students and parents. Some events are hosted by grade level, while others welcome all students and their families from grades 1-12.

If you would like to tell us how your school and/or district is engaging families through Family Science Nights complete Family Science Night Showcase Form and e-mail: or fax to Project Tomorrow at 949-609-4660.

What makes a great family science night?
Effective Family Science Nights create an environment where families can learn the value of hands-on, inquiry based science and how science integrates the teaching of science processes, content, reading, math and critical thinking skills.

Successful Family Science Nights:

How do I get started?
With the help of Orange County schools and community organizations, Project Tomorrow has compiled a list of resources that provide materials for Family Science Nights.

The following checklist will help your get your own Family Science Night started:

How do I build the event into my school culture?
Family Science Nights are a great opportunity for all teachers to engage the community in their science efforts. A successful event is dependent on thoughtful and thorough planning and coordination. If possible, provide administrative assistance to the Family Science Night Coordinator in order to facilitate a successful evening. Additional considerations include:


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