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NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge Program


The NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge Program

NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge Program helped K-12 schools in underserved communities increase opportunities for children, teachers and parents to access computers and provide effective use of technology for learning.

AmeriCorps is a network of national service programs that engage more than 50,000 Americans each year in intensive service to meet critical needs in education, public safety, health, and the environment.



NetDay managed the service of AmeriCorps recruits and developed local partnerships to achieve program goals. The program focused on building sustainable capacity for the effective use of technology for learning in communities with high needs.

NetDay began the program in 2001-2002 with 51 members in Detroit and Oakland reaching 13,000 students. During the 2002-2003 academic year, 95 NetDay AmeriCorps Associates supported 20 schools with 20,000 students. NetDay AmeriCorps Bridge focused on three key objectives: getting things done, member development, and community service.

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Mississippi Delta, Mississippi

Santa Ana, California

Rio Grande Valley,Texas

Oakland, California

Detroit, Michigan



A NetDay Project Coordinator administered the program in each community, and was responsible for supervising the NetDay AmeriCorps Associates. The Project Coordinator also managed NetDay’s partnership with school districts and helped develop relationships with local partners.


Funding and Support

NetDay received a grant from the Corporation for National and Community Service to support AmeriCorps Associates in empowerment zone communities from 2001 - 2003. NetDay raised matching funds from school districts, corporate sponsors, and foundations. For a complete list, see NetDay Investors and Partners.