Project Tomorrow - AeA
2nd Annual Innovation in Education Summit:

Preparing Today’s Students to be Tomorrow’s Innovators

May 24, 2007 Marriott Hotel – Irvine, CA

“Thank you so much for inviting us to Project Tomorrow's technology summit done all across our country. You have terrific vision with your efforts to unite educators and business leaders. This is the best forum that I have ever participated in. Please continue to do such honorable work.”

— Todd Salesky, Brea Olinda High School, on the 2007 Summit

  • About the Innovation in Education Summit

The 2nd annual Innovation in Education Summit was held Thursday, May 24th in Irvine, CA.  Co-hosted by Project Tomorrow and AeA Orange County/Inland Empire Council, this annual Summit brought together education, business, community, political, and parent leaders in Orange County to discuss and evaluate the challenges and opportunities for improving K-12 science, math, and technology education.  

The goal of this half-day summit is for the participants to formulate key strategies they can work on together, to ensure that Orange County graduates are prepared for the 21st century.

The Innovation in Education Summit is unique because everyone's voice is equal. Students, corporate representatives, parents, principals, teachers, and government officials bring their ideas to the table with the goal of increasing dialogue (and action!), for improving science, math and technology education for all students in Orange County.

The 2007 Summit included keynote addresses from Karen Cator, Director of Education Leadership and Advocacy from Apple, Inc., and Timothy J. Magner, Director of the Office of Educational Technology from the U.S. Department of Education.  Panelists representing students as well as education, parent and business leaders shared their perspectives about essential 21st century skills and opportunities for developing these skills.  Participants brainstormed strategies for:

  • Increasing rigor & relevancy in science & math
  • Acquiring 21st century skills through Career Technical Education
  • Developing 21st century skills
  • Creating global awareness, knowledge & fluency
  • Leveraging innovative and emerging technologies for learning
Results from the summit will be compiled into a community action plan.
  • Summit recap: How to Build the 21st century student?
  • Welcome and IntroductionsListen
    Dr. Julie A.Evans, CEO, Project Tomorrow
    Tim Jemal, Executive Director, AeA Orange County/Inland Empire Council

    • View "Did you Know? VideoWatch

  • Opening Keynote Address Listen
    Karen Cator
    Director, Education Leadership and Advocacy
    Apple, Inc.
    Chair, Partnership for 21st Century Skills

  • Panel Discussion - Point of View: StudentsListen
    Students discuss what they think about their current education and how it prepares them for their future, essential skills for the 21st century and the role of science, math and technology.
    Moderated by Dr. Julie A.Evans, Chief Executive Officer, Project Tomorrow

  • Panel Discussion - Point of View: Education, Parent & Business Leaders Listen
    Education, parent and business leaders discuss their perspective of how K-12 education is preparing students for the global economy and essential 21st century skills.
    Moderated by Tim Jemal, Executive Director, AeA Orange County/Inland Empire Council

  • Call to Action Listen
    Timothy J. Magner
    Director, Office of Education Technology
    U.S. Department of Education

  • Please Join Us!

If you are interested in getting involved in this on-going dialogue, please contact Dr. Julie A.Evans at Join us for the 3rd annual Innovation in Education Summit in May 2008.