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2008 Innovation in Education Award Finalist

Roger Musgrove

Award: High Impact Teacher of the Year
Trabuco Hills High School (Rapid Product Design and Engineering Technology Teacher)
Saddleback Valley Unified School District

“Instruction without innovation falls short of capitalizing on the opportunities to optimize the delivery of skills and knowledge to students.” Roger Musgrove, Engineering Technology Teacher

Program Description

Throughout his eighteen years at Trabuco Hills High School, Roger Musgrove has equipped and inspired many of his students to ascend to professional careers in the engineering and architecture fields. As an instructor of Engineering, CAD, Architectural Design, and Rapid Product Design, he has continuously been on the cutting edge of technological implementation in his classroom.

Mr. Musgrove has been instrumental in securing Trabuco Hills High School several grants that have expanded and enhanced the Business and Technology program at the school. Thanks to his efforts, THHS has one of the few Rapid Product Design labs on the west coast. In the lab, students learn how to use three-dimensional software to solve complex design problems, and then watch their final products come to life on the RPD design printer! 

Mr. Musgrove’s creation of engineering courses at THHS has generated substantial interest in engineering, as well as providing already-declared future engineering majors a place to gain exposure to their future career. His administration reports that Mr. Musgrove’s experience in construction and contracting has brought a unique dimension to his classes, and provides his students with a natural connection to the “real world” of Engineering.

What is the role of K-12 education in driving Orange County’s economic competitiveness?

Educators in Orange County have a tremendous challenge when it comes to preparing students for the future job market. Teachers need to not only be continuous learners, but they need to transfer the continuous learning “bug” to their students. These students in turn will become the innovators of tomorrow who will help our local economy thrive in the future.

How can business and community members support your efforts?

check mark Arrange a student field trip at your workplace.
  Arrange a teacher field trip at your workplace.
  Help underwrite our science, math, or technology programs.
  Participate in a virtual career panel at our school.
  Provide college scholarships to our students
  Provide guest speakers at our school.
  Provide internships to our students.
  Provide scholarships for teachers to attend STEM-related conferences.
  Provide summer job opportunities to our teaching staff to help them understand workplace requirements.
  Sponsor a robotics team at our school.
  Volunteer as a STEM mentor to our students.
  Volunteer as a STEM mentor to our teachers.
  Volunteer to help with our Science Fair or Science Olympiad.
  Work with our teachers to integrate "real-world" skills into their classroom curriculum.


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