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Our Mission

Our mission as the California affiliate for F.E.A. is to encourage students to learn about careers in education and aid them in exploring teaching while providing meaningful opportunities to receive the mentoring and support they need to actualize their career aspirations. California FEA was founded in 2011 so that students across California would have the opportunity:

  1. To learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities and responsibilities
  2. To explore their interests and abilities in relation to the various fields of teaching
  3. To cultivate the qualities of character, service and leadership which are essential in good teachers
  4. To learn how and where teachers receive their training, the cost, scholarships available, number of years required, certification requirements and standards
  5. To study the lives and influence of great teachers

I will pursue excellence in preparing to be a future teacher in California.  I hold to the highest standard and ethics and will uphold the mission and responsibilities of the California FEA.  I will represent myself, my school and the California FEA with my best effort, attitude and commitment.


  • Strive to interest students in the education profession
  • Recruit future educators with diverse ethnic, racial, social and economic backgrounds
  • Promote academic excellence and leadership responsibilities in students interested in teaching
  • Enhance quality of school’s educational programs through an appreciation  of teaching and
  • contributing  to the smooth operation of the school
  • Promote a positive image of education to students, parents and the community  and disseminate information  about teaching
  • Encourage members to be role models in the school, the FEA organization and the community

To learn more about starting an FEA California chapter at your school, read our "How to Start a Chapter" and "Frequently Asked Questions" sections of this website (see links). If you have questions that are not answered on the website, please email them to Greg Nicholson, Director of Advancement, at gnicholson@tomorrow.org.