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Are you a student, teacher, or administrator that wants to start a chapter at your school?

Follow these easy steps:

  1. You must first get approval to start a Future Educators Association chapter from the school administrator in charge of clubs at your school.
  2. Find a teacher advisor for the chapter
  3. Fill out the FEA application and invoice using this formThe directions are on the first spreadsheet.
  4. Organize a plan for telling students at your school about your FEA chapter. The plan could include:
    • Learning about FEA goals and objectives.
    • Informing teachers and students at your school about the benefits of a chapter.
    • Planning a membership drive.
    • Publicizing the organization of a chapter.
  5. Initiate a membership drive by:
    • Requesting help from your school to identify interested students.
    • Writing articles and advertising in school and community publications and starting a Facebook or Twitter page for your chapter.
    • Posting and distributing flyers and posters.
    • Encouraging teachers to have bulletin board displays in their classrooms.
  6. Plan and publicize your first chapter meeting.

What to Do Next…

Steps for holding a successful 1st Chapter Meeting

  1. For this meeting, find a temporary club secretary to take minutes until Chapter roles are defined.
  2. Students may be given a sign-in sheet requesting information for a chapter roster (name, address, phone, parents’ names, and email address).
  3. To start the meeting, have each student introduce him or herself. In addition to giving their names, students should share something interesting about themselves and why they are interested in FEA.
  4. Explain the purpose of your chapter and hand outintroductory information.

    Have a discussion about the following:
    • Chapter officers, nominations and election procedures
    • Chapter membership standards and requirements
    • Expected participation and commitment of members
    • Chapter programs and activities