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Member Benefits

Here is a short list of a few of the support tools you can expect from us:

A New Chapter Starter Kit which includes a step by step guide for establishing your school chapter, recruitment ideas, a sample constitution, suggestions for weekly and monthly activities and project ideas.

Access to our YouthTEACH2Learn curriculum that provides lesson plans and ideas for your chapter meetings. This curriculum is an exclusive benefit of being a CFEA chapter.

Our plan for the 2014/2015 school year also includes new leadership and learning opportunities for your students, which includes:

  • Establishment of our CFEA student cabinent with opportunities for students to run for regional or statewide officer positions.
  • Statewide competitions will consist of chapter competitions as well as individual competitions. State winners will have the opportunity to compete at the national level.
  • Our annual CFEA conference to be held in the spring.
  • Access to an online Lesson Plan database.

And of course in addition to the CFEA resources, our association with the national Future Educators Association provides you with a wide range of additional support tools and resources for you and your students:

  • Go Teach, the official FEA magazine published 4 times per year;
  • FEA News, a monthly, online update of association news;
  • The FEA international conference, where you and your students can network with other chapters and learn about new ways to support the field;
  • The FEA Store, a one-stop shop for all of your FEA needs whether you are looking for chapter tees, student welcome packets, or party supplies;
  • A connection to the international network of FEA chapters;
  • Continual support from the international office; and
  • An online database of advisor materials, including:
    • FEA Handbook for Chapter Advisors, Seventh Edition, which provides advisors with specific program information, including ideas for activities and events;
    • PDFs of all forms in the FEA Handbook;
    • Free marketing materials;
    • Examples of projects and activities from other FEA chapters; and
    • Selected PDK publications free of charge.

For more information about California FEA, please contact Greg Nicholson at gnicholson@tomorrow.org.