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Accessing Project Tomorrow's Podcasts

We hope you will enjoy the podcasts offered by Project Tomorrow. If you are new to listening to podcasts, you might find these instructions useful.

  1. You will need to have iTunes downloaded on your computer. You might also need to have QuickTime for Windows loaded. Both programs are free


  2. After you get these programs, launch iTunes and select the iTunes Music Store.
    iTunes image

  3. You will need to be connected to the Internet. In the search box in the upper right corner, type in Project Tomorrow and hit RETURN on your keyboard.
    iTunes image

  4. Find the Project Tomorrow Podcast and click on SUBSCRIBE to go to Project Tomorrow’s Podcast.  
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  5. This will establish a place in your iTunes for Project Tomorrow Podcasts.  In the future, when new episodes are posted, they will show up automatically when you launch iTunes while connected to the Internet.  Unless you adjust some settings, they will show up grayed out in under Podcast in your iTunes library.  To download the new podcast, you may need to click GET.
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  6. Podcasts are normally just audio recordings.  However, Ken Kay’s presentation is what is called an “enhanced” podcast, as you can also access his PowerPoint slides as visuals.  As the podcast plays, you should see each slide image in a box in the lower left of your screen.  If no images are showing, click on the box below (you can see the button to click in the image below... It is the one furthest to the right across the bottom) to reveal that panel. If you click on any picture it will display a larger version on your screen.  Click the X to close that window and repeat if you want to see a larger version of others.  
    iTunes image

  7. An enhanced podcast, like our "Actions Today: Impacts Tomorrow" panel discussion contain chapter markers in the show.  If you look at the top of your iTunes screen just to the left of the search box, you will see a small box. If you click and hold the down-arrow, you can jump to any part of the podcast directly.  This will be very powerful for longer podcasts or ones that you only want to play a certain portion of several times.
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  8. A final step many people take is to transfer your downloaded podcast to your MP3 portable audio device.  The dominant one on the market is the iPod by Apple.  Enhanced podcasts can only be displayed on an iPod.  
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