Educators Rising California

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2019 Competitions

Educators Rising California regional and state competitions provided students opportunities to develop and demonstrate their leadership skills, as well as their knowledge and skills related to future careers in education. The regional and state level competitions are aligned to the Educators Rising national competitions. The top three regional places in each competition will compete at a State Level **same submission. Then the top three at state level will be eligible to compete at the Educators Rising National Conference.

This year, there will be five categories. They are aligned with the national competition categories so that students who place in the state competitions can move on to compete in the national competitions in the same category. Please note that if there is a national competition offered that is not one of our three state level categories, students can compete directly in the national competition for that category.

  • Lesson Planning and Delivery – STEM: This is a lesson plan developed and delivered by students to students. Students will submit a written plan, a recorded lesson, and a reflection. View the guidelines and scoring rubric here.


  • Job Interview: In this competition, entrants apply for a position as a paraprofessional (a link to position description can be found below). This includes submitting a cover letter as well as a résumé that details relevant work, volunteer, and educational experiences. View the guidelines and scoring rubric here.
  • Inside Our Schools Presentation This competition allows students to showcase one innovative strategy that their school or school district employs to enhance teaching and learning. Innovative strategies do not necessarily mean new technology. View the guidelines and scoring rubric here.

Submissions are due to the Project Tomorrow office by Friday, February 1, 2019 by 12:00pm (noon). Please click the links above for more information about each competition, including detailed scoring rubrics and guidelines for submission.

Regional winners will be announced at the regional conferences, students are encouraged to attend these conferences (free for EdRisingCA members). There is no live component for any of the regional/state competition categories. Please visit our conference webpage for more information about our regional conferences.

Contact Pilar Comparan ( for more information.