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Speak Up, an online research project facilitated by Project Tomorrow, is an annual data collection process of K-12 students, teachers, parents, and school administrators feedback about key educational issues.

The Speak Up online collection process and findings are the intellectual property of Project Tomorrow. Each fall, the organizations that participate in Speak Up have online access to the complete Speak Up question deck during the collection period, and the findings when they are released. Upon request, permission is granted to use the Speak Up findings for instructional, research and educational purposes only. Email your request with the completed permission request form to speakup@tomorrow.org.

Each survey contains 15 to 30 questions, with one or two open-ended responses. 60% are legacy questions; carried over from year to year to track changes in attitude over time. 40% are created each year to gain insight into emerging technologies and innovations.

Student questions are grade and reading level appropriate; separated into options for grades Kindergarten through 2nd, 3rd through 5th, and 6th through 12th. Questions for Parents, Teachers, and School Administrators take into consideration each group’s unique perspectives.