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Google form to track teacher participation or set a school level password

In 2017, we assisted a TX district with setting up a google form as the first step for participants in the survey taking process. This approached allowed the school librarians in this district to customize their participant login process by:

  • Including a customized welcome text stating their school’s participation purpose
  • Requiring contact information to track participation
  • Requiring a password to ensure only their teachers were taking the survey
  • Utilizing their school’s unique direct start links allowing their participants to bypass school look up and survey selection and instead start right at the beginning of the appropriate survey

By adding the google form to their school’s survey taking process and utilizing their school’s unique direct start links, the school librarians at this district were able to keep track of the teachers at their school taking the survey. They also ensured that only their teachers were taking the survey by password protecting the form. By using their school’s direct start links they ensured that the participant was accessing the appropriate survey for their specific school and survey type.

The great thing is you can customize multiple google forms for each audience or survey type!

See an example here.

Download instructions on how to create the form here.