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Connecting in the 21st Century: Parents and Administrators Speak Up about Effective School to Home Communications

A new report from Project Tomorrow and Blackboard Connect

Special webinar: February 15, 2012

Cover ReportSince 2007, Project Tomorrow has partnered with Blackboard Inc. to create a series of annual reports that focus on key trends in the use of technology to increase student achievement and parental engagement. One of these key trends is the growing need for more effective, timely and targeted communications between school and home. Increasingly innovative schools and districts are tapping into the power of emerging communications technology solutions to ensure safety and security, to engage parents in the learning process, to enhance student achievement, and to improve overall staff productivity. In this special report we examine the Speak Up 2010 survey data collected from almost 380,000 K-12 students, parents and educators to highlight the expectations of parents for improved school to home communications and how schools and districts are stepping up to address those new sets of expectations. The key questions being addressed in this report include:

  1. Do administrators recognize the value and importance of effective communications with parents as a key factor in improving student outcomes?
  2. How are schools and districts tapping into emerging technologies to connect with parents?
  3. Do parents have different expectations today for information from their child’s school?
  4. How are teachers leveraging technology tools to provide students with feedback and instruction?
  5. Do parents’ perceptions on the efficacy of school to home communications have any relationship with their attitudes regarding their child’s school?

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