Educators Rising California

There’s power in teaching

College Chapters

  • College Chapters of Educators Rising California are encouraged to team up with the Education Department at their respective schools in order to provide opportunities to learn more about teaching and to meet other undergraduates who are interested in the profession. Educators Rising California is a good place to offer a variety of academic and social activities for students who are planning careers in education.
  • Educators Rising California is available as a support system and as a means of gaining information and experience to start you on your way to becoming an educator.
  • General Meetings can include special presentations by the Education Department, guest speakers, and general information on current issues in education. This could include information on testing, credential programs, and graduate school programs as well as information on opportunities in getting experience working in the field.
  • Because education policies are changing all the time, this club is a great resource in finding up to date information on these issues.
  • Educators Rising California can welcome students of all majors, concentrations and grade-levels who are interested in the field of Education with the aim to promote academic and professional success.
  • Educators Rising California can create relationships with high school chapters and serve as a recruiting mechanism for colleges to find students that are a good fit for their education programs.