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View Your Speak Up Data (K-12)

Your data is in! If your school or district participated in Speak Up during the fall, it’s time to dig in and see what your students, teachers, parents and community members had to say. Follow the steps below to get all of your qualitative data as well as the responses to this year’s open-ended questions.

You'll also be able to see the results for your state and the overall national findings in your reports – so you can see how your community compares!

To view Speak Up Participant Data Results for schools and districts (2003-2017), follow these directions:

  1. Select the year of the Speak Up survey period you would like to view:

  2. To view your reports, you will be required to enter your state, school or district name and the Speak Up admin password assigned to your school/district.
  3. Select the survey to display.
  4. Print the results or copy and paste them into your own file or this Speak Up Data Excel Template. To view your data across audiences and by theme, use our thematic report template (coming soon!) to drop in your school or district’s data
  5. To export your district data for each survey audience into an excel file, once logged in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Download Excel Summary". You will then be prompted to select a survey audience, the excel file will then pop up as a download. This file includes: school side by side comparisons as well as the National, State, and District data percentages to use as benchmarks.

Download our new PowerPoint templates (coming this spring, go to http://www.tomorrow.org/speakup/promo_data_templates.html to view last year’s template or contact the Speak Up team for use of any of our past presentations) use with your data! Easy, free way to display your Speak Up data to share with multiple audiences!

Need additional help accessing your data? Watch our quick step by step tutorial video with tips on how to access your school and district results. Watch tutorial here.

Are you interested in presenting your school or district data? Please contact the Speak Up Team at Speakup@tomorrow.org to request copies of our PowerPoint templates.

Forgot your password?If you are registered as the primary contact of your organization please select the year to retrieve your password information. Please note, contact and password information for Speak Up is updated on a yearly basis. Only the primary contact of record for that specific year will receive the password information for that year’s password via email. If you are unsure of your primary contact of record information, please contact the Speak Up Team at speakup@tomorrow.org for further assistance.

2003-2011, please contact the Speak Up Team directly at Speakup@tomorrow.org

Not the primary contact, we can help. Send us an email to speakup@tomorrow.org or visit our "look up an organization" to locate your organization's primary contact on record. For confidentiality reasons, we provide passwords to the Speak Up contact of record only. To sign up as the primary contact (if one is not on file) please contact the Speak Up Team.

2003-2011, please contact the Speak Up Team directly at Speakup@tomorrow.org